Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Life is so chaotic i rarely find time to think about what we've done never mind write about it!

We've started swimming -- just me and ds1 and ds2 at a local surestart centre. The pool is a metre deep, so ds1 can reach the bottom-- he wore armbands for the first time and doggy paddled off. ds2 lounged in a rubber ring.

ds1 has started to play with blocks, making sqquares out of triangles, building towers, knocking themnn down by throwing toys and balls at them.

ds1 is also finding his way around various kids sites on the web and you tube.

ds2 is coming out with lots of new words everyday.

ds3 is working on crawling-- can move backwards bow.

ds4 is cutting a tooth.

Both babies started blw onto solid food this week and they turned 6 months.

All have had chicken pox starting with ds2 on ds1's 5th birthday. ds3 got it last on the 16th march... all are clear now.