Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year- 2009, Year of the busy Mum!

Wow 2009! Time goes so fast.

We are now a family of 6 +2!

Myself, Dh (Darling hubby), our 4 boys, Max, Theo, Zac and Ryan and visiting regularly Dh's two kids from earlier in his life... Ant (21) and Koren (14)

Max will be 5 in just under 7 weeks, Theo is 2yrs and 2.5months and Zac and Ryan are just over 3 months old.

This year will be truely the Year of the Busy Mum (namely me!).

Tomorrow Myself and the boys are driving up to Cumbria to stay with my Parents for 9days. This will be the first trip up there that I've done with the babies too. Dh is staying at home and hopefully will be finishing the miniextension where the fridgefreezer will go.

I'm a little apprehensive as to how our drive will go. I know that we can do the journey with 3 stops, but that was without the babies, we may have to stop overnight at a hotel. That would be 'interesting'!

I'm looking forward to this year for many reasons, seeing my kids grow, sharing my knowledge and experience of birth, breastfeeding, part-time ecing, babywearing of singles and twins. Loving the days when the chaos works, learning from the days when chaos could be better organised (gotta love organised chaos), home-educating Max, getting Theo out of nappies.

Max- into Ben 10, spiderman and computer games (preferably with Ben10 in them), he can count to 20, and count down from 10, read and write his name on paper AND computer, starting to tell the time, knows that milk makes yoghurt, cheese and butter, asking which creatures have bones or not, knows that a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, knows how babies are born (he watched Theo's birth), can use a camera, make things out of playdough, throw things, build things up and knock things down, and many more thing that will come to mind later, I'm sure.

Theo- likes throwing, banging, climbing, bouncing, cuddling, and giggling. Not a great talker but understands EVERYTHING. Has made up a few signs for himself, so am encouraging him to use more from books that we have. He's also starting to use the toilet, perhaps this is a continuation of the part time ecing (elimination communication) we did when he was a baby (before he started running)

Zac- a big smiler, so laid back, ticklish, giggles, likes kisses and cuddles.

Ryan- rolling onto his side, smiling, giggling, trying to sit up, like kisses, not so cuddly as Zac.

Things I hope to accomplish this year:

1. Keep adding to this Blog (in a more clear and concise way than this post!)
2. Arrange the house a little so things have a place to live that isn't a pile.
3. Go on holiday.
4. Have fun as a family.
5. Find a little time each week for Myself and Dh.
6. Start up our slingmeet group again.

I should be able to accomplish these things.

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